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Marine Polyurea

Marine polyurea professionally sprayed products create a tough barrier on a variety of surfaces. These industrial strength coatings block the elements by creating an air tight, waterproof barrier.

Coatings must resist saltwater and constant moisture and they must withstand the coldest to the hottest climates. Rust, abrasion, chemicals and many other threats can damage property and put marine life and people at risk. Aggregates can be applied for non-slip resistance. Coatings are used to repair or prevent cracking. Here are other areas that benefit from our products.

So above the water line and below, polyurea can be very effective in protecting steel, aluminum, and fiberglass in a variety of water sport and commercial marine applications. From fish hold liners, to hull protection and bilge liners, polyureas are used in many abrasion, chemical and corrosion resistant marine applications.

  • Marina floors, ramps, stairs
  • Pier pillars, sea walls
  • Pleasure craft and cargo ships: decks, floors, hulls
  • Cargo linings and fish holds


                                                                                 Polyurea Solves Rust Issues(Before & After)


Marine Foam

Vector Coatings specializes in spray foam applications ranging from fish holds, bait freezers, floatation systems and various other applications.