Vector Coatings Client Profiles

About Vector Construction

Vector Coatings has done an extensive amount of projects including Polyurea, some commercial and private. Click on the project name below to see some photos and read more of each.

Condo project in Suncadia, WA. Spring ground water was overwhelming previous below grade waterproofing.
Blain Water Tank
The city of Blaine needed to do some maintenance on one of its 60 year old, 1,000,000 gallon fresh water tanks.
Marlborough House Roof
Provide complete roofing membrane system for The Marlborough House, Seattle Washington.
Mini Cooper Dealership 3 Mini Roof
Design and install a Polyurea roof/parking membrane system for The Mini Cooper dealership in Seattle, Seattle Washington.
Lakeshore Apartments 6The Reserve at Lakeshore
Provide waterproofing for the Plaza Decks, planters and residential decks at The Reserve at Lakeshore Landing Apartments, Renton, Washington.
Cooper House 6Cooper House, Seattle, WA
Provide high-flexibility roofing material polyurea for a Seattle landmark.