Vector Coatings Products - VersaFlex VF 20 Primer
VersaFlex VF 20 Primer

VersaFlex VF 20 is a two-component isocyanate and resin blend primer for porous substrate applications. The low viscosity of VF 20 allows for maximum penetration of concrete.

In hard trowelled concrete situations, VF 20 may be diluted to further reduce viscosity.

VF 20 has a working time of 45 minutes. Apply VF 20 at 8-10 mils on concrete allowing product to penetrate the surface, or 2-4 mils on steel.. Ponding on the surface is to be avoided.

Applications & Uses

VersaFlex VF 20 primer may be used with VersaFlex rapid curing polyurea sealants and spray coatings systems. It is designed for use in both interior and exterior priming situations. Allow VF 20 to properly cure prior to topcoating.


Low viscosity, 100% Solids
No VOC's
Penetrating sealer
Formulated as a System with VersaFlex Products
Eliminates pin-holes
Applied by spray, roller or brush
Increases adhesion of coating systems to concrete & metal

Ideal for Applications in:

Primer/Sealer for porous & non-porous substrates

Solids Content: 100%
Tensile Strength: 1000 psi
Shore A Hardness: 85-92
Elongation: 50-60%
Adhesion To Concrete: 300-600 psi
Gel Time-Tack Free: 45 minutes-2 hours (ambient temperature dependent)
Working Time: 45 min/200 gm mass (ambient temperature dependent)